Why Use US Immigration Visa Lawyers?

As far as governmental agencies are concerned, you do not need US immigration visa lawyers to emigrate from Canada or another country to get a green card in the United States. Theoretically, you could manage all the filings, tracking, and processing yourself.

In truth, however, many immigrants find that the money paid to obtain the services of marriage immigration and other lawyers and consultants more than pays for itself, especially if something should go awry.

What Can an Immigration Lawyer Do for You?

The best thing that an immigration attorney can do for you is simplify and streamline the process of getting a green card, because US immigration visa attorneys deal with the government, its laws, and its policies and processes on a daily basis. They are well-versed experts in immigration, and therefore know everything about applying for residence. Not only can they serve as a ready resource of information and assistance for you, but an immigration lawyer or consultant can also make sure that no critical step in the process is missed.

In addition, immigration experts can . . .

  • Help you file petitions, applications, and fees quicker and more accurately

  • Double check all documents and information to ensure complete filings every time

  • Let you know about changes to immigration law before they affect you

  • Provide faster and more efficient visa processing through electronic access and streamlined technologies

  • Save you money by not having to incur legal services after the fact to correct mistakes made early on

  • Provide important informational tools that help you track the status of your visa application

  • Represent you at all interviews and meetings

Why Involve an Attorney?

Immigration attorneys cannot speak for you during standard interviews and CIS meetings, but it is still advisable to have one with you. This is your legal right, and there are specific documents to file which allow you to do so; but if they cannot speak for you at an interview, why incur the expense of having an attorney with you?

While a lawyer cannot speak for you, he or she can still advise you, and can observe the proceedings to ensure that your rights are protected. If something should be denied or continued, he or she will know precisely how to prepare for the next step, and will know how to appeal in the event your rights are not respected.

Bottom Line: US immigration visa lawyers can do a lot for you as you work to gain legal US residence.

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