US Green Card through Marriage

It is a little different to get an internal US green card through marriage for weddings than for marriages taking place outside the US. If you are already in the US legally, this is the process that you will follow to obtain your marriage-based green card . . .

Step 1 — Enter Legally

Your status in the US will bear on your ability to get a green card after being married in the US. According to the law, you must have entered legally. Depending on how and why you came to the US you may have come through different legal channels.

For instance, you might have come here on a work or student visa, met your fiancé(e), and been married. Or, you might have come on a fiancée visa for the express purpose of being married in the US. However you got here, you will need to file to adjust your status after your wedding so that you can stay here as a lawful US resident.

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Step 2 — Filing and Adjustments

Since you are already here legally, you have already done a lot of the work, proving that you deserve entrance in to the US. To stay, you need only to apply to adjust your filing.

To file to adjust your status, you need to file form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. You will file this with your local USCIS office. Your application will need to be approved, and you will need to complete filing and submit to an Adjustment of Status interview if required before being granted a green card.

Waste No Time

You should file forms for an adjustment as soon as you can, so that processing and approvals can get under way. The sooner you have your US green card through marriage, the rights for permanent residents will be your rights, and you can benefit from being a permanent resident.

You can apply to adjust your status as soon as you are married so that you two — and children, if applicable — can remain together and begin your new life together in the states, without ever having to leave unless you want to.

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