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Few naturalized citizens become citizens without US citizenship test practice. By learning about the test, what is on it, and what information you need to succeed, you will maximize your chances of success in your efforts to become the next naturalized citizen of the United States.

What's on the US Citizenship Test?

The US citizenship exam has two basic components — an English language test and a civics exam.

The English portion of the test is designed to show that you can speak and write in English. You are not expected to have flawless English, but you are expected to be able to speak and write basically and clearly, and to understand the application, exam, and its questions. If you can understand these, you can understand enough English to pass the English language test for US citizenship.

The Civics portion is designed to show that you have a working knowledge of the country, its government, and its history. Again, you are not expected to be an expert in US Civics. However, there is a lot to know and it is important to study for the Civics exam and to be able to deliver the answers in the way the USCIS wants them given.

Sample Questions

You will be asked questions like these on the US citizenship civics test:

  • Name a branch of the US government

  • What stops a branch of the government from becoming more powerful than it should?

  • What part of the government makes federal laws?

  • Branches of the government

  • How many senators there are

  • Length of terms for elected officials

  • The names of current officials, such as the President, Vice President, and your state's governor

  • Name cabinet-level positions

  • What is the highest court in the US

  • Powers belonging to the US states

In addition, you will be asked history questions, including questions about wars and Native Americans; you will also see questions about national symbols and the American flag.

Getting More Help

What you see here is just a very small sampling of the subjects covered on the US naturalization exam. You will need to know much more to be really prepared for the test. Many of these questions, even US citizens born in the US can not answer. However, with dedicated study and US citizenship test practice, you can be very well prepared, and you certainly can succeed. Use the resources on this site to learn more and help you study as you practice for the US citizenship test.

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