Preparing for the
US Citizenship Interview

The US citizenship interview is actually one of the final steps in the naturalization process. Before you get that far, you will have filed an application, and completed the other steps in the naturalization process (more information about that process is available here).

All the preceding steps will help to prepare you for the citizenship exam and interview for US naturalization, but you should also understand what the interview itself will entail, so that you can go entirely ready to succeed and be granted US citizenship.

The Purpose of the Interview

The purpose of the interview will be explained to you by the overseeing officer at the beginning of your appointment. The purpose is not to try to discredit you, but rather to confirm your application information and to show that you have enough of an understanding about the U.S., the government, and the English language to be a contributing member of society and a good citizen.

The Interview

On the day of your interview for US citizenship, you should plan to arrive about 15 minutes early. Dress nicely, such as in casual business attire, and do not be late. Do your best to keep your original interview appointment, as rescheduling could delay your naturalization by several months. If you do not appear for your interview and do not contact the USCIS, they will 'administratively close' your application and you will have to file to reopen it.

Before beginning, you will be asked for identification and any requested documents. Make sure you bring all photos, ID's, and documentation that has been requested.

At the interview you will be asked a series of questions about yourself and your background. Much of this information will come directly from your application, form N-400. Review the application before you go so that you do not need to rely on it to answer questions that you should know readily.

The English language and Civics test will be administered during your US citizenship interview. You should prepare for these tests ahead of time. You cannot be approved for citizenship if you fail either test. You can easily prepare by learning what is on the US citizenship test and studying sample questions.

Go Prepared to Succeed

It is important to prepare for the US citizenship interview. Failure to provide accurate information, or failure to pass the citizenship tests will result in a denial or continuance of your application for naturalization.

The naturalization interview is designed to allow you to succeed, so long as you do your part as a potential US citizen. Utilize the resources available to you, and be prepared for the interview, and prepared to succeed at becoming a citizen of the United States of America!

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