US Citizenship Forms:
Applying for Naturalization

To become a naturalized citizen, you'll need to file the appropriate US citizenship forms and follow the procedure for testing and processing. It is now a somewhat simplified task to become a US citizen, but it is still a detailed process; if you enjoy living in the US, though, you may very well find that the benefits of being a US citizen far outweigh the work of applying for naturalization.

The Process of Naturalization

The process of naturalization starts first with research and information gathering, then moves to determining your eligibility. There is a worksheet available for this.

The next step is to obtain a naturalization application and complete it. With it, you must provide all necessary materials, including two photographs. You must send the entire completed package along with the filing fee to the Service Center that will handle your citizenship application. After that, you will be contacted by the USCIS with further instructions.

A Few Forms

The most important form for applying for US citizenship is Form N-400. That is the actual Application for Naturalization.

There are a couple of other US naturalization forms that may or may not be necessary as you move on. They include:

  • Form G-28; Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative; this form allows a representative to come to your citizenship interview with you
  • Form N-652; this form provides you with the results and decision on your application and interview
  • Form N-14; this form will be provided if the USCIS needs more information or documentation from you
  • Form N-336; you may file this form to request an appeal if your application for citizenship is denied

More Citizenship Application Help

You may benefit from additional help in filing US citizenship forms and preparing for the interview and citizenship testing. You can access the help you need here on our site, and through the links and partners featured on this website.

By getting the help you need beforehand and going into the process of applying for US citizenship well-prepared, you will increase your chances of success the first time around, and decrease the odds that you will need to reapply or utilize forms such as N-336.

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