US Citizenship Books:
All the Help You Need

There are great online resources, but US citizenship books are a much more portable way to learn about and prepare for naturalization. You can use books about becoming a US citizen to help you every step of the way, from determining your eligibility for citizenship to passing your citizenship exam.

Learn about the Naturalization Process

One use of books about US citizenship is to learn about the actual process. Many of these will start by helping you to determine your eligibility, and then move on to give you the details about each step in the process. They'll give you accurate and timely information, like . . .

  • How to obtain forms and citizenship applications

  • What documentation you need to collect

  • What other information and proofs you need, such as photos and fingerprints

  • How to fill out and prepare the application and supporting documents

  • Where to send your completed citizenship application and documents

  • When to send which supporting papers, and what to hold onto

  • Fees for filing

  • Tips for successful citizenship application filing

After you've learned the basics of applying for naturalization, you'll want to prepare for the most important part — the citizenship interview and testing.

Books to Prepare You

The USCIS wants to be sure that approved applicants and new citizens will become educated, meaningful members of society. You can take great pride in becoming a US citizen, as you will then know that you have accomplished some great feats. In order to make these assurances, the USCIS requires naturalization candidates to pass an interview and testing.

The US citizenship test has recently been revamped, and made more difficult than it was in the past. It requires that citizens pass both an English language test showing a working command of English, and a Civics test showing that the applicant has an understanding of the US government, its functions, and the rights and responsibilities of a US citizen.

There are some excellent books that help prepare candidates for this all-important aspect of citizenship. You will find lots of information and resources here on this site, including a number of US citizenship books that will thoroughly prepare you to pass your interview and citizenship test the first time, so that you, too, can be welcomed as one of the newest citizens of the United States!

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