Completing US Citizenship
Application Forms

You must complete and submit certain US citizenship application forms before you can get any farther in the process of becoming a US citizen through naturalization. This is one of the most important parts of the US citizenship application process.

The Main Form

The form that you need to complete to apply for US citizenship is Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. The information that is required on this form includes:

  • Your name and all aliases and other names you might be known by

  • Your name exactly as it appears on your green card

  • Name change information (if desired)

  • Eligibility information

  • Personal information about you, such as social security information, marital status and history

  • Disability and accommodation information (in order to make the accommodations you need)

  • Waivers information

  • Residence and contact information

  • Employment

  • Criminal records check info

  • Time spent outside the US and travelling abroad

  • Children and dependents

  • Affiliations

  • Additional questions

  • Questions about moral character

  • Military service

  • Oath requirements

Be Thorough, Be Clear, Keep Copies

It is important to answer clearly and thoroughly on your US citizenship application forms. You will be asked to answer many of these questions during your US citizenship interview, and it is important that you answer consistently. Keep a copy of the application and review it prior to your interview and test.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the application, you will also have to complete a citizenship interview and citizenship exam as part of that interview. The appointment time and location will be provided to you. You can prepare for the interview by studying and practicing for the test.

Following testing and interview, you will receive notice of the decision on your citizenship (approved, denied, or continued). Any further requirements or needed documents will be requested by the USCIS, and you need to provide everything as requested. Provide all of the information as requested by the CIS precisely. Answer consistently and clearly. Then prepare for the test, and you will certainly be a success in gaining full US citizenship.

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