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Test for US Citizenship

To become a naturalized US citizen, you will need to take a test for US citizenship. You can prepare for the test and its components by learning about the US citizenship test, and gaining the knowledge you need ahead of time.

Why a US Citizenship Test is Required

The USCIS wants to know that the people who are granted citizenship in the US are both committed to living here and prepared to be a contributing member of society. People who have limited ability to communicate, or who do not have an understanding of the history and function of the US government, will be ill-prepared for living and working in the United States. So that that is not the case, candidates for US citizenship must show that they can speak the language of the majority, participate in society, and work to support him/herself so that he or she does not become a burden to society.

The Components of the US Citizenship Test

In the interest of satisfying the above requirements, the CIS requires that all naturalized citizens pass a test comprised of a variety of components. The basic parts of the US citizenship test are:

  • An English language examination - you will be required to show a basic ability to read, write, and speak English. This will be done by having you read parts of the application, reading civics questions and providing verbal answers, and reading sample sentences provided by the test administrator.
  • A writing examination - the administering officer will ask you to write one or two simple sentences in English to show that you have basic English writing skills.
  • A US Civics Examination - you will be required to prove a basic knowledge of US government by taking a Civics exam. The exam will be administered either verbally or with a written multiple-choice test; there may be up to 20 questions on the Civics exam.

More Help

Your chances of passing the test for US citizenship will be greatly improved if you prepare and study for the test ahead of time. This is not considered cheating; it is all in the interest of learning and living in the states as US citizen.

There are many books and online resources that you can use to get a better grasp on the English language, and to learn the civics information that you will be required to know. Take advantage of the help available to you so that you can be successful in your efforts to become a full-fledged citizen and member of the United States of America.

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