Documenting Marriage for
Green Card Applications & Interviews

As part of your processing, you may be asked to document your marriage for green card approval. A variety of documents might be requested, and can be useful in proving different things, but primarily these documents will be looked at to prove the legality and validity of your marriage.

Start Collecting Documents Now

Many different things can be used to document your marriage. It can take time to compile them, so it's a good idea to locate a number of these now and keep them readily accessible. If they are needed, you will be asked to provide photocopies of them. Be prepared with these documents, but do not send them unless you are instructed to do so.

"How I Prepared for My
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Documents for Confirmation of Marriage

Examples of the types of documents that may be requested include:

Financial documents and memberships

  • Joint bank account documents

  • Joint credit card statements

  • Joint tax returns—federal and state

  • Joint or family membership papers (health clubs, etc.)

  • Copies of cards for health insurance, credit cards, etc.

  • Copies of joint insurance policies

  • Copies of jointly held bills (phone bills, utility bill)

  • Contracts such as leases or rental agreements

  • Beneficiary statements for life insurance or bank or retirement accounts

  • Titles showing joint ownership (vehicle or property)

  • Jointly held real estate documents

Personal and relationship documents and proofs

  • Wedding invitations

  • Wedding photos (preferably showing friends, family, etc.)

  • Family photographs

  • Copies of letters and correspondence

  • Receipts for gifts given to each other

  • Birth certificates for children you have together, or doctor's confirmation of pregnancy

As you can see, the things that will prove the legitimacy of your marriage for green card application purposes are the things that any married couple might have and share together. They are the mundane things of life like bills and receipts, and also the things that show you building a life together, such as photographs and letters to each other. These are the tell-tale signs of a real relationship, and the things an officer will look for to show that your marriage is in the interest of love, and not immigration.

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