Plan Ahead for
Marriage Based Green Card Fees

Most filings for a marriage based green card do require you to pay a fee. When a fee is required, the petition or application will not be considered complete unless it is paid (as requested by the USCIS or processing office).

Budgeting is a Good Idea

The cost of coming to the US on a green card is significant, particularly for people residing in nations with lower standards and costs of living. It is in your best interest to understand the fees involved with processing and applying for a marriage green card so that you will be prepared to pay them when the time comes.

As mentioned, no petition or application will be considered complete if the fee is not paid as required. That means that not being prepared to pay those fees could result in delaying your application for a marriage based green card.

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Fees for Petitions and Green Cards

The basics fees required for the different petitions and applications are listed here. Use these as a basis for planning for the financial aspects of gaining lawful permanent residence in the US:

  • Fee for Sponsored Petition, form I-130: $355

  • Processing fee for Immigrant Visa Application, form DS-230: $355 (per person)

  • Processing fee for Affidavit of Support, form I-864: $70

  • Adjustment of Status, form I-485: $930

  • Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) (K visa), form I-129F: $455

  • Additional biometric processing fee: $80

It should be noted that these fees may be adjusted subject to other filings, such as when children apply with their parent. Use this as a basic guideline for budgeting and planning, but always remit the amount as instructed by the USCIS or NVC.

Fees Change

The policies and fee schedules of the CIS and NVC do change from time to time. Several changes took place in January of 2008. You can check with the CIS for current rate changes, or to see if you are required to pay a difference in the changed fee (this is not always required, so do not pay unless told to do so). Fees changes are generally between $30 and $50, so these fees will still act as a good preliminary guide, but do know that you will have to pay according to recent charges set by the CIS.

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