The K1 Fiancee Visa:
Be Together Sooner

The K1 fiancee visa is designed to allow a U.S. citizen to bring his or her fiancée or fiance to the U.S. before the actual marriage. There are benefits to utilizing the fiancee visa, but it does require that the sponsoring future spouse be a U.S. citizen. This option is not open to lawful permanent residents or immigrants (unless, of course, you have filed and become a citizen).

What is the Fiancee Visa For?

The purpose of the K1 visa is to allow U.S. citizens to bring their future spouse to the states for a period of time before the wedding or legal marriage. This serves different purposes; the K1 visa:

  • Allows the couple to spend time getting to know each other better
  • Gives the ability for the couple to marry inside the United States, closer to friends and family
  • Provides a tool for unmarried couples to be together, rather than have one waiting months or years to file as a spouse
  • Expedites the process of coming to the states—the couple does not have to wait to get married and then file

The intent of the fiancée and fiancé visas is to help U.S. citizens access their right to marry whomever they choose, on home soil. It is also to give them a vehicle for being with their future spouse.

Limitations and Possibilities of K Visas

There are some limitations placed on the K1 fiancee visa. It is not a permanent visa, like the green card. The K visa is designed as a temporary permission that gives the couple the time to marry, and then to adjust the status afterward.

The most common use of the K visa is to help get your fiancée stateside, and then to file for permanent status once here. It is perhaps a more complex process, but it is faster and you can begin the process now, without waiting for your wedding date.

There are other limitations placed on the fiancé visa, and you must be aware of them. For instance, you will be required to marry within 90 days of your fiancée's arrival, and, as mentioned, you will have to file to adjust the status in order to allow your fiancé to stay here.

The K1 fiancee visa is probably the fastest way to legally bring your future spouse to the States, but there are other options that can be utilized, and that can sometimes speed the process, such as the non-immigrant K3 fiancee visa. You will have more opportunity to learn about this option and the fiancée visa process in subsequent pages.

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