What to Expect from
the Interview Experience for a
Green Card by Marriage

The interview experience for a green card by marriage is simple and straightforward. It will help you, however, to know what to expect so that you are prepared, and also so you don't fear the interview, when there is nothing to fear. Learn the basics of the green card interview experience and be ready for your meeting when the time comes.

"How I Prepared for My
Marriage Based Green Card Interview"

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"He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail!"

The Basics

For application processing purposes, the green card by marriage interview is nothing out of the ordinary. It is a simple question and answer period designed to confirm that the answers you've provided on your application are true, and that your marriage is a true, loving union. You and your husband, and children, if there are any, will be called together and will remain together, unless there is more than one case number.

Do plan to arrive for the interview at least fifteen minutes early, and be prepared to wait. Many applicants are scheduled at one time, and it is not at all uncommon for your interview to begin late or to go well beyond your scheduled time.

As to your actual interview experience for a green card, before you begin the officer will cancel any non-immigrant visas in your passport — a normal procedure. He or she will collect your documents and ask you some simple questions about you, your background, and your marriage (you can learn more about green card interview questions on this site).

What is most important is that you answer questions honestly and consistently. Your answers should not deviate significantly from what you've provided before, including answers given on your application and documents. However, if your file or application does contain inaccuracies, you should be prepared to correct them and provide new documentation to support the correction (such corrections can include simple changes like changes of address, etc.).

Suspected Fraud

If you are suspected of fraud, your case will be continued and you will have another interview, designed to determine the validity of your marriage. This will be a much more intense interview, and much more in-depth. You will be asked many questions, all aimed at trying to catch you in an inaccuracy or mistruth. For this type of interview, you and your spouse will be interviewed separately. (You can learn more about a marriage fraud interview on this site as well.)

Most applicants have little to worry about in terms of the interview experience for a green card process. In some cases, the interview is waived entirely (particularly for Adjustment of Status). Unless you have been dishonest or have committed fraud, do not be afraid of the green card interview. Learn about the experience, go prepared, and you will soon be on your way to legally residing in the United States.

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