Immigration to the US
through Marriage:
The Green Card Interview

An interview is a standard procedure for immigration to the US through marriage. The purpose of the green card marriage interview is two-fold.

Getting to Know You

One function of the green card interview for a marriage-based petition is to get to know you, the applicant. This is a standard part of the processing for any green card applicant seeking permanent residence in the United States. This part of the interview might deal with subjects similar to the information asked in the Biographic section (Part I) of the application for a green card, such as . . .

  • Your personal details — name, address, contact, etc. (this serves primarily the purpose of confirming you are who you say you are on your application)
  • Your family history and background
  • Involvement in unlawful activities (essentially just to confirm that there is none that would prevent your approval)
  • Employment, education, and skills based on information you've provided

The purpose of gathering this information is primarily to confirm, and also to support, your application with meaningful information.

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Getting to Know Your Marriage

Every now and then, people do apply for green cards by marriage fraudulently, and so the CIS will include in the interview questions that confirm the validity of your marriage. It may seem that this is something impossible to prove, but you will be asked questions that are designed to show your affection, interest, and involvement as a couple. Things you might be asked include . . .

  • Where you met

  • About prior living arrangements—have you lived together or in close proximity to each other

  • Why you got married

  • When you were married

  • About the wedding

  • Questions about your life together, including small details like where you last went out together or how you spent a birthday

It may seem that the questions you are asked during the interview for immigration to the US through marriage are prying or even silly, but they are all asked with a purpose - the purpose of proving that yours is a bona-fide marriage, and that you are not using the marriage to gain easy entrance into the US. Do not be alarmed by the questioning, but do take it seriously, as the officer interviewing you will, and this is an important step in the approval process for marriage-based US residence.

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