Immigration and Marriage:
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Immigration and marriage is a complex issue in America; while there is some misperception that immigration and legal residence status in the U.S. is automatic for people who marry United States citizens, this is not exactly the case.

In order to legally reside In the U.S., all non-citizens, or foreign nationals, and even children of U.S. citizens, must apply for a Visa or Legal Permanent Residence Card, more commonly known as a 'Green Card'.

Where To Start

Before you start doing the actual paperwork and filings for a marriage green card, you should take some time to learn about the basic process of applying for a permanent resident card based on a marital relationship. By taking the time to learn more about how to obtain a marriage green card now, you will be well-prepared for each step.

Preparation is important when applying for a visa or permanent resident card in the U.S. Even though the marriage green card is one of the easier and fastest ways to obtain legal residence status, there are still many steps involved in getting to the green card marriage interview and beyond it to actually entering or remaining in the States. Research and learning are the essential first steps toward successful procurement of permanent legal resident status in the U.S.

"How I Prepared for My
Marriage Based Green Card Interview"

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"He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail!"

The Basics

This section of our website provides you with the basic information you need to understand before you begin the application process for a marriage-based green card. Here, you will learn about . . .

As you'll see, the information in this section is basic in nature. It gives you an overview of the more important things you need to know about immigration and marriage. The purpose of this is to show you the various things you will need to do in order to achieve permanent U.S. residence.

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