The Benefits of a
US Immigration and Marriage Visa

Of course, the decision to apply for a US immigration and marriage visa is yours; there is no requirement to do so if you can stay in the states legally otherwise (such as on another visa). But if you plan to live in the US, a green card is something you should definitely consider.

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Why a Green Card?

Among the many benefits of getting a green card through marriage is the ability to:

  • Live together in the US, indefinitely

  • Sponsor other relatives

  • Travel outside the US and reenter without difficulty

  • Get government student aid

  • Get resident rates for college tuition

  • Qualify for more jobs

  • Start a business

  • Create a corporation

  • Get social security benefits

  • Remain in the US even with passing of sponsor

  • Remain in US even if sponsor becomes unemployed (loses financial support)

  • Get security clearance

  • Get government grants

  • Be exempted from export restrictions

  • Qualify more easily for loans and home mortgages

  • Buy insurance (life, health)

  • Own property

  • Apply for licenses (not necessary in all states)

  • Apply to become a US citizen

  • Live where you choose in any of the 50 US states

Why Now?

If your status here in the states is legal for a time — for instance, if you are here legally on a student or work visa — even though it is temporary, you may be inclined to wait until it is closer to expiring to obtain your green card. However, waiting is rarely in your best interest.

While you wait, there could be changes to the laws that might make it more difficult to get a green card, changes that affect your temporary permit, or changes that you are not aware of that affect the accuracy of your filing.

Also, you will be missing out on all of the above benefits if you are not a lawful permanent resident. Furthermore, you risk your visa expiring before gaining lawful residence. As US immigration and marriage visa filing goes, it is usually best to file for the marriage green card and enjoy the benefits sooner, rather than risk problems later.

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