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Application Documents

When you apply for a green card thru marriage, it is crucial to submit all documentation at the appropriate time. It is also crucial that those documents be precisely the right documents.

What Happens when Documents are Missed?

The most common scenario when marriage green card application documents are missing or inaccurate is that the application is held up. You may be contacted to provide further documentation, or submit missing documents. Missing documents mean that there is more back-and-forth between the office and you, and that your application will be delayed.

You cannot complete processing for an Adjustment or through a consulate until your package is complete, and so it will take much longer for you to obtain a green card with incomplete documentation.

What Documents Will I Need?

Knowing which documents you will need ahead of time will help you to start locating them now. By taking the time now to secure documents, you will be better prepared when the time does come to file your application. More importantly, if you have missing documents or issues locating things like birth certificates and licenses, you can use the time now while you wait to obtain those documents before you even get your green card application packet.

These are the documents that will be required with your green card application; know, though, that in some cases the processing consulate will not want these mailed, they will want you to bring them with you to your processing interview. Follow the instructions that you are given in your packet closely.

  • Affidavit of Supportform I-864, the financial support document
  • Valid passport — required for all applicants; if children are applying, they will need a passport, too
  • Civil documents of varying nature as detailed in information packet (these could be birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, etc)
  • Certificates from police
  • Medical Exam documents — an exam will be required, and must be performed by a doctor designated by the Consulate; the expense is the responsibility of the applicant
  • Application fees, when and as requested; applications are not considered complete if not submitted with the appropriate fee; do not, however, send money until asked to do so

As you wait, you can expedite the process by collecting the necessary documents for the green card thru marriage ahead of time. That way when the time comes you will be prepared to move quickly. However, use common sense and do not acquire documents such as a physical exam if it will expire before processing.

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