Tips to Surviving Interviews for
Green Card Marriages

For most, interviews for green card marriages are not something you should worry over excessively. Unless you are suspected of marriage fraud, the interview is mostly of a formality, and not designed to make you fail in applying for a green card based on marriage.

"How I Prepared for My
Marriage Based Green Card Interview"

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"He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail!"

Take It Seriously, but Not Too Seriously

You do want to take the green card marriage interview seriously, but not so seriously that you create problems for yourself. It helps to understand the purpose of the interview.

The purpose of the green card interview is basically confirmation. The officer will ask questions to confirm that the information in your application is correct, or to correct inaccuracies. He or she will also want to confirm that you can be a contributing member of society, and that your residence in the US will be peaceful and law-abiding.

And, in the case of a green card through marriage, the officer will also strive to confirm that your marriage is real, and not a fraud committed in the interests of immigrating to the US.

Understand that this is the purpose, but do not stress over the interview. Stress and anxiety lead to undo mistakes and doubt.

Tips for Green Card Interview Success

First and foremost, as mentioned, remain calm. The interview process itself is really very simple, and all you need to do is answer honestly and be consistent. If you give inconsistent answers, the officer will doubt the truthfulness of them. Your answers should also be consistent with what you have provided in the past on your application and in your documentation.

These tips will help you have a successful interview:

  • Do not be concerned if you are made to wait; several applicants are scheduled together, and it is normal to go beyond your appointment time.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview — professional and conservative attire is appropriate, not too formal, but nicely dressed (no t-shirts or excessive jewelry or symbols; shirt and slacks, perhaps a tie, but do not go overboard).
  • Review your application and documents, including travel dates, etc. before you go so that you can provide consistent answers.
  • Do not guess if you do not know an answer; it is okay to say you do not recall something.
  • If you know an error was made on your application, plan to correct it and bring supporting documents to aid you.

Essentially the interviewing officer for interviews for green card marriages wants to make sure your application is accurate and true. If it is, you have little to be concerned about. Follow these tips and your interview can be just what it is designed to be — just another step in the immigration process.

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