Help for
Green Card Marriage Victims

Green card marriage victims are real people. With the prevalence of green card marriage fraud, there are many victims in the US, many who never suspected that their love and compassion were being taken advantage of.

How Common is Marriage Fraud?

Green card fraud through marriage accounts for half of all immigration fraud cases. It is a popular choice for violators because . . .

  • Visa numbers are made immediately available to spouses
  • Historically, admission have been more lax for spouses entering on a marriage green card
  • Unlike document fraud, those who commit marriage fraud can live freely, once a green card is attained
  • Following a divorce, green card holders can go on to sponsor their family and new spouses, and bring them to the states as well

How the USCIS Works to Curtail Marriage Fraud

The USCIS has instituted a number of policies aimed at combating and preventing marriage fraud. The green card marriage interview process is one of those safeguards, and the other well-known safeguard is the conditional status of the US green card for the first two years of the marriage. Still, many violators are willing to wait out the conditional period and to prepare for interviewing so there is never a question.

The USCIS also authorizes studies to track the trends and tricks of fraudsters. The results of these studies are used to aid green card marriage victims and to set policies aimed at protecting American citizens and legal green card holders.

"How I Prepared for My
Marriage Based Green Card Interview"

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Getting Help

Falling victim to marriage fraud is heartbreaking and stressful. If you find yourself in that unfortunate position, there are resources to help you. Learn about those resources, and also learn about the ways fraudsters unwittingly trick trusting victims into sham marriages.

You will certainly not be the first person to have been deceived, and, unfortunately not the last. But with the help of support groups, citizen action groups, legal representatives, and government agencies like the USCIS, you can find some peace after the turmoil. You might even choose to go on and get involved and do something to help another victim of a fraudulent green card marriage.

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