Examples of Green Card
Marriage Interview Questions

If you have an idea of the green card marriage interview questions that you'll be asked during green card processing, you will be better able to prepare yourself for the interview.

Relax and Prepare

Knowing some of the questions you might be asked during a green card interview should show you that there is no need to be unduly concerned over the interview.

Processing interviews are simple procedures, nothing more, really, than a question and answer period. Once you know what to expect from the interview experience, you can rest easier, and not add to your stress by making yourself unduly nervous. (You can learn more about the actual experience of the green card interview on this site.)

"How I Prepared for My
Marriage Based Green Card Interview"

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"He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail!"

What You'll be Asked

The purpose of the interview for a marriage green card is basically confirmation (unless you are suspected of fraud, but that entails an entirely different interview session). Unless you are going for a fraud interview, there is no need to think that your processing interview is anything but that — a part of the normal immigration process.

Most of the questions you'll be asked will be general in nature. Many may be simply repeats of questions and information you were asked for on your application for a green card. Others will be asked to show the officer that the marriage is real, not a guise used for immigration purposes only. These types of questions will be more personal in nature.

Some of the things you can be asked about:

  • Your name, residence, and biographic information

  • Employment, skills, and education

  • How, when, and where you and your spouse met

  • How and when you decided to get married

  • Visits and correspondence with each other

  • Your wedding — how many people were there, when it was, specifics about the ceremony

As you can see, most of what you will be asked in the way of green card marriage interview questions are basic questions about yourself or your relationship that you can reasonably be expected to answer. However, it is possible that you will forget an answer or two, and in that case you should just say so rather than try to guess and provide an incorrect answer. For immigration interview purposes, consistency is one of the highest determining factors.

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