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The green card interview is an important part of the process of securing permanent resident status through marriage in the United States. Both the U.S. citizen/resident sponsor and their spouse are subject to the interview. Go to the green card marriage interview prepared, and save yourself some very unnecessary stress and difficulty.

What is the Purpose?

The purpose of the interview for the green card by marriage is to prove the validity of your union. In short, the USICS needs to be satisfied that you are in fact in love, and are committed to your marriage, and not just using it as a convenient way to help a foreign national get into the country.

"How I Prepared for My
Marriage Based Green Card Interview"

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"He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail!"

The purpose of the interview is also in part to determine your contribution to society; this will not bear as heavily in the case of a green card by marriage petition, but expect that you will be asked some questions about yourself personally, and possibly things like employment, experience, family, et cetera.

How Can I Prepare for the Interview?

The interview purpose is designed to be a safeguard against fraud and against unwanted individuals entering the United States (i.e., criminals and those who might prove harmful or a burden to society). It is not designed to keep you out if you have an honest claim to be here — in this case, the desire to live with your spouse and build a life together.

As such, you should not be intimidated by the interview, or worry over it excessively. However, it is still important for you to make a good impression on the officer conducting the green card marriage interview, as entrance is not guaranteed until you receive final approval.

With resources such as this website, especially our new guide to passing the Green Card Marriage Interview, you will be able to easily prepare for your interview, learn about the interview experience, know what to expect, and what types of green card marriage interview questions might be asked of you. This preparation will ease your mind and ready you for a stress-free interview process.

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