Getting a Green Card

Once you've been assigned a visa number, the next step to getting a green card is to complete an application for a marriage green card . . .

Where to Get an Application

The USCIS will send you an instruction packet that will give you the information you need to apply for consular processing. If you are already in the US on a temporary visa, non-immigrant visa, or fiancé visa, you will receive an instruction packet for Adjustment of Status. The major difference between the two is in where processing will take place. If you are abroad, your will complete processing at a US Consulate office in your country.

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The instruction packet you receive will be different depending on where your final processing will take place. Regardless of where you process, you will receive form DS-230, Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration. You must complete this application and send the requested parts and supporting documents to the office indicated. Be sure to use the envelope provided with the packet, as it will have the proper address.

Note that there are two parts to form DS-230. Only those processing at Appointment Review Consulates will be required to send in Part II and documents with the application. Standard review consulates will ask that you carry these documents with you to your review. Be sure to follow the specific instructions provided with your instruction and application packet.

The application itself is available online and from Consular offices. You can get one ahead of time to begin filling it out, or to see what information you should collect in the mean time.

Accuracy Matters

Accuracy is of the utmost importance on the application for the marriage green card. If you provide incorrect or inaccurate information, it could delay processing, or even flag your application for further review. Careless errors can result in a complicated or lengthy review and approval process. Do your best to be accurate and provide the documentation and information that is requested of you.

There are more useful articles on this website that help you prepare for getting a green card. Use the resources here to find out about costs, documentation, and questions and information you will need to provide.

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