Fiancee Visa Forms

There are a number of fiancee visa forms used by the USCIS. Different categorizations and fiancée visa applications use different forms, each asking for specific information. You will be most successful applying for a green card through marriage if you know these fiancee visa forms and precisely which ones to use.

Fiancee Visas are Not Green Cards

Fiancé visas are not the same as green cards by marriage — what are technically known by the CIS as "Lawful Permanent Residence" or LPR. Fiancée visas are, in effect, precursors to the LPR or green card.

Whereas an LPR grants permission for a person to live legally and permanently in the USA, a fiancee visa only grants temporary residence. To remain in the US, the fiance visa will need to be adjusted or upgraded to an LPR. Once you are in the states, you should begin that proceeding as soon as possible.

You can apply for adjustment of status as you go along, so that you can prevent having to leave after the temporary fiancée admittance expires.

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Fiancee Application Classifications

Fiancée visas are classified "K" visas. There are four categorizations of K visas, each used for different purposes, but only the K1 and 2 are considered fiancée visas. They are:

  • The K1 visa is the category used to petition to have an immigrant fiancée brought into the US to be married. The marriage must take place within 90 days, and an adjustment of status must be filed to extend the visa.
  • The K2 visa is used to bring the children of immigrant fiancées over with them; it is used for minors under 21 years old.
  • The K3 visa is used similarly to the K1, but it is a non-immigrant visa. It is used to bring spouses into the US temporarily, and can be adjusted for permanent residence by filing the Adjustment of Status.
  • The K4 visa is for the minor children (unmarried under 21) of persons petitioning under the K3 non-immigrant visa.

K3 visa processing is faster for spouses waiting abroad, and can be filed and then upgraded later to get a fiancé into the country (legally) faster. However, it will take more time in the long run to gain permanent residence with a K3 visa.

Help with Fiancée Visa Applications

Certainly it is difficult to decipher the different categorizations and the possible advantages of each. For an accurate evaluation, you'll need to learn more about each one, and to get immigration advice from a qualified immigration expert.

Once you know which class to file under, and which fiancee visa forms to use, you'll need to know more about the application and documentation for K visas. This website will help you learn more about this important aspect of bringing you and your future spouse together.

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