Ela Wants a Green Card

by Arpita

My friend Ela just got married to a Bangladeshi American immigrant. She is hoping to get her "green card" and achieve permanent United States resident status. She knows that she first has to prove her marriage before she can get a green card.

To the Bangladeshis, America is a dreamland where they will get almost everything that is essential to lead a happy and prosperous life. Ela and her husband have similar dreams. They are IT university graduates. Unfortunately in my country, there is not much opportunity to get high-paying jobs in their field.

America is different. There are companies like Microsoft, Apple, Dell Computer and many more. Ela and her husband dream about working with a well-known company. So they think it's worth moving to United States to make their dream come true. America will also provide many other facilities, which are absent in Bangladesh. Ela needs a green card of course before she can take advantage of those work opportunities.

After their marriage, Ela's husband applied for a spouse visa. They followed all the rules and regulations of the American Department of Homeland Security. After few months, she got a letter from an American official to set up an appointment for a visa interview.

Ela was not worried before or after the interview. She was confident because she knew that her documents were all legal. Her English skills are also strong, which is a worry for most of the people in my country. Ela is organized too and I'm sure the American officials noticed those skills.

Your site provides lots of good information about the green card and marriage interviews. I wish Ela had visited your site before she went to her interview.

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