Getting and Filing an
Application for a Fiancee Visa

You can bring your fiancee to the US by filing the application for a fiancee visa. To do so, you will have to follow the process for obtaining a US fiancee visa and complete the necessary application and approval procedures.

How to Get a Fiancee Visa Application

To get an application for a fiancee visa, start by petitioning to bring your future spouse to the states. File petition form 1-129F. Once the petition is approved, your fiancée and you will be notified, and your fiancée will receive an application packet with further instructions and requirements for filing the application.

What to Expect

The fiancée visa application will be similar to other visa applications. It will require information such as . . .

  • Biographic data—family, personal information (name, address, etc)

  • Education information

  • Occupation and employment information

  • Nationality

  • Marital status

  • Date of birth

  • Children

  • Employers

  • Military service

  • Visits to the US

The application itself will be fairly standard, and will require further documentation. Documentation will be required for both the sponsor and the applicant (the fiancée). To complete the application process, your fiancée will need to complete consular processing.

The Next Step

After your fiancée's visa is approved, he or she can enter the US. You two must be married within 90 days, and then proceed as desired.

Following your application for a fiancée visa approval, and your wedding, you will need to file further petitions and applications if your fiancé is to stay in the US lawfully. He or she will need a green card to become a lawful permanent resident of the US, and you will need to follow that process, applying first for an Adjustment of Status and simultaneously for permanent residence.

Once the petitions for Adjustment of Status and a green card by marriage are filed, the approval process will follow that of married spouses already in the US. You both should learn about and complete this process soon after your wedding, if you intend to stay together and build your life in the United States.

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